can be used for a wide variety of activities...


Holiday Camps

Coaching Sessions



Annual Dinners

Available Anytime is fully hosted and available anywhere with a connection to the internet

Website Pages

Link into your existing website, increasing traffic

Multiple Users

No restrictions on the number of system users.

UK Support

Our support team will be on hand when you need them.

Real-Time Payment Processing

We will securely process your online VISA and MasterCard payments, paying out to one or more UK bank accounts


Custom Registration Forms

Build the list of questions that your customers need to complete to register. Replace your paper registration form, gathering improved customer data

Multiple pricing

Most memberships have more than one price for customers to register. Offer multiple pricing options to your customers, limit prices by age groups and gender

Free Events

Organise and manage both your fee paying and free courses with

Order Confirmations

Customise the automatic email confirmation with important information about your event


Create a membership form, choosing the prices and questions providing an easy way for members to join or renew


Online Registration

Accept online registrations provides your customers with the ability to register online 24/7, 365 days a year. Your customers register at their convenience

Mobile Optimised

All registration pages are mobile optimised giving your customers the ultimate convenience of registering on their mobile or tablets

Individual & Group Registrations

Choose to allow customers to register one or multiple attendees within the same order. Save your customer's time by only needing to enter their card details once

Early Bird Pricing

Each price category can be limited by setting a start and end dates, perfect for early bird offers

Promotional Tools

Promote your events using the direct register link, social media and our SEO settings so that it can be found on Google, Bing and other popular search engines


Receive invoice registrations for your events. Once you have received the money you can reconcile the invoice against list of outstanding invoices. Send a pdf invoice by email or send manually once the registration has been received

Discount Codes

You have the option to set up and promote special discounts for your events. The discount could be a percentage amount or fixed price, available for a specific date period or limited to a number of uses, it's up to you


Sell tickets, create your ticket categories and set up your event to collect only the details of the customer


Financial Settlements

Each Tuesday a new settlement report will be available for you to access which includes details on all the credit and debit card transactions that we have transferred to your bank account. The report is available online whilst also being available to be downloaded to Excel and as a PDF

Email & SMS Tools

Communicate with your registered customers for each event. Send an email or SMS to your customers at any time. The message can be sent to a particular group of customers and emails can include attachments


Issue refunds to your customers. For online payments you can refund the money directly to the card they paid with, choosing whether to refund the whole amount or part of the amount


Use multiple reports to manage your members, registrations and finances. There are reports to search and filter registrations and their delegates, as well as reporting on refunds


Customer Database

Create a database of customers which have registered on your events. Use your data to promote your business and future events


Easily manage your membership renewals


Create as many events, courses, conferences and memberships as you need. The Copy event feature makes it easy to set up repeat or regular events

Increase Usage

Grow your business by working with participant. Give us a call and we would be extremely happy to help you set up a registration page for other events you run